Today at 10.00AM, exactly 4 weeks after I had my WISDOM TOOTH removed in NORWAY, and two weeks after I had to rush to a dentist in PRAGUE because of a DRY SOCKET, I will have SURGERY AGAIN to remove parts of the original tooth that they "forgot" to take out the first time. Turns out the reason why I have been having so much pain after the surgery is partly because my jaw is not healing because of this thing that is left. They found out a couple of days ago when I went to a dentist here in BERLIN. A very nice dentist office by the way, with english speaking dentists if anyone should need one. They took a giant X-RAY of all of my teeth (they had to do it this way because I couldn't open my mouth) and on this x-ray they saw that there was still something left where the tooth used to be .. the thing that I now like to refer to as the thing that lately has been making my life crap. (In  the photo you can almost see it on the left side next to the tooth that looks exactly like the ones you see in cartoons. ) After I went to the Berlin dentist I had to go to a Berlin oral surgeon to have them take a closer look at it and then take it out.. so they sent the picture with me home. I of course couldn't resist taking a photo of the x- ray when I had it at home, have never had a x-ray of all my teeth before and I think it looks pretty scary and cool. I feel these pictures are the only fun thing that has come out of this thing so I wanted to share it along with my complaining about the situation. Hopefully today's surgery will make it all okay again. Wish me luck!