My best friend growing up was my next door neighbor HANNE. Her birthday is the 24th of November and every year on her birthday I always feel that it somehow marks the beginning of Christmas. As kids we would always get a chocolate figure each shaped as a little boy at the end of her birthday party. It was tradition. As the saver I was.. yes, we all knew those kids who saved their candy and therefore always had something left when everyone else had finished theirs.. well, being one of those kids I always brought my CHOCOLATE BOY home with me when the party ended. At home my little sister was waiting, she; not a saver and a big candy fan. Instead of sharing it I insisted on saving it on a shelf in my room ..because I thought it was sooo nice looking. One day when I came home from school I found my chocolate boy DECAPITATED on the shelf, no head. It was not difficult to figure out the prime suspect. I can still picture my little sister; picking up the chocolate boy, opening her mouth and chewing his head off like a Godzilla. The reason I came to think of this story now is because of something ERLEND said the other day when we opened the chocolate/marzipan calendar. The chocolate of the day was a cute MARZIPAN BEAR. As soon as I saw him I knew I wanted to save him, but the minute I thought this Erlend was filled with another thought and said to me; I want to eat his head! I felt history repeating itself,  but I decided to try to be a more sharing person so I  said that he could, BUT, not before I had a picture of it. So here is the picture of the little bear, before he looses his head, and some of the ofher treats we have found in our calendar.