After I came to BERLIN I have given the SKY a lot of attention. Coming from BERGEN, the sky seems a lot bigger here and there are fantastic SUNSETS. In that manner the Berlin sky is very different from the one I grew up with. But they do have something in common, and that is the HEAVY GREY CLOUDS which more than often COVER the city ..and sometimes the minds of the people who have to live under it. This winter has been no exception and there has been days and days with this gray lid.  With EXCEPTION of some tiny seconds.. just before you get up and most often just before sunset (these days that's around 4) the sun decides to come out. It BURNS its way through the lid that covers the city and appears as a FIREBALL just above the horizon. It is without a doubt a SIGHT FOR SORE EYES and it fills me with happiness ..just to CRUSH me feelings seconds later as it disappears under the horizon. This resulted in a rant, by me, the other day. It just PISSED me off how the SUN comes out almost just to tease me, to make me aware of the fact that it is always there, behind the clouds, just not accessible to me. Like the other day, when the sky looked like in these pictures; you can see that there is a lid of clouds over BERLIN and that the sun is all the way over there in some distant beautiful place. Maybe it should make me optimistic.. knowing that that the sun is actually there.. and of course it gives me enormous JOY when it comes out...I rush for my camera to capture it and there by the window, looking out, the sun and I share a moment, but it doesn't take away the fact.. the obvious fact that the BELIN SUN is a TEASE, a big fat TEASE.