Since I came to BERLIN Erlend and I have been joking about the fact that I have felt like I've lost my MOJO ( like in the AUSTIN POWER movies....almost ). Basically meaning that I have felt that I've MISSED some of the important parts of my life that makes ME feel like ME. It's very romantic moving to a fantastic city for love, but it's not always easy. Lately, luckily, I've felt that it's starting to come back to me, the feeling of being me. It has to do with a lot of things, but the part that is relevant to this post ..is that my passion for dressing up and experimenting with my wardrobe is back. I have therefore lately wanted to do more STYLE shots for my blog. This is of course FUN for me, but it has also made E my part time blog photographer. Not totally voluntarily. E has never been a big photography fan, neither when it comes to shooting them himself ..or looking at them. But then he met me.. a picture junkie. and I like to think that I, at least just a little bit, have made him appreciate photography some.

So yes, he now photographs, the man who never did. And he has become quite GOOD at it ..and I think he sometimes think it's kind of fun.. like when he gets a really good shot. But it's not always fun, for either of us. I can be a very BAD TEACHER (or all in all I like to think of myself as a pretty good teacher... like for instance when I was taking german lesson here in Berlin, the guy sitting next to me in class was a 40 year old japanese man who had big problems following the lessons, so I tried to help him whenever I could ..and were complimented by my teacher who thought that I used to teach.. but that was not the point ..) but... I'm not always a particularly nice or patient photography teacher.. partly because I'm not only trying to teaching E how to take pictures ..I'm also trying to teach him not only to photograph me, but to photograph me as me. A project that is IMPOSSIBLE, but still works surprisingly well.  But as E pointed out to me today when I was acting out because he didn't read my mind; you should have an identical TWIN, then you photograph her. Well I don't have a twin but I have a SISTER that soon will come and live here in Berlin ..and if she agrees I will sometimes maybe pretend she's my Barbie and post pictures of her here.

My WHITE WOOL COAT I got at a theaters wardrobe sale, the grey ALPACA sweater is COS men, the SEQUIN skirt is from GINA TRICOT, the CLUTCH is second hand from TRABANT in OSLO,  my white leather GLOVES and the RING are both H&M and my grey pumps were bought in some random store when I was on a ROAD TRIP in the States some years ago. I seem to remember that they almost didn't cost a thing. I have many reasons for wanting to go back to the States that are much bigger and more important than the shoe prices.. but they are still a reason.