The other day when ERLEND was taking some pictures of me, he was wearing this HAND KNITTED merino wool sweater from INIS MEÁIN Knitting Company and his cashmere MARC JACOBS scarf. We both FELL in LOVE with this sweater when he was trying on a WINTER JACKET before Christmas in this store 14 oz in MITTE ..and both decided that he had to have it ( I will say that this was the first time I have ever fallen for that hole 'why don't you just try this under' selling trick.. I don't know about E). Even more than we fell for the sweater because of its look and fabrics we fell in love with the idea of HOW and WHERE the sweater was made. The woman in the store could tell us that it was hand knitted on ARAN ISLANDS, a small island outside the WEST COAST of IRELAND. I really liked the idea of a sweater with that kind of history and became even more fond of the sweater when I visited their homepage and saw pictures from the island when we came home. The first picture on this post is from the island and was posted on the Inis Meáin's ISLAND DIARY. Coast sweet coast.. I miss the COAST.