This week my SISTER arrived in BERLIN, to stay, for almost half a year. It feels FANTASTIC to have her here after almost FIVE years not living in the same CITY. The other day when we went out she was wearing this beautiful second hand AUBIN & WILLS CAPE that she bought a week before she arrived here a second hand store at the PORTOBELLO MARKET in NOTTING HILL, LONDON. She told me that as she was paying for the CAPE an older british man walked in. You could tell by the way he looked that life hadn't been too EASY on him, but that he still had a GREAT sense of STYLE. A soon as he came in to the store he looked at what my sister was buying and exclaimed in a (of course) perfect BRITISH accent; OH, IT'S PUURFECT FOR SKIING! Coming from Norway, the ultimate land of skiing, this of course sounds pretty much just hilarious, but still, just puurfect, coming from this man.