A week ago or something I posted some pictures of a red VOLVO I spotted while out Champagne shopping in the west ...and encouraged people to give me info about the car if they new anything about it.. since the only thing I knew was that I thought it was nice looking. I didn't have to wait long for information. Only a day later I got an e mail from my PARENTS (my dad was the person who earlier had encouraged me to do more car stuff on my blog so it was nice with some backing up) who had imediately recognized the car as the one ROGER MOORE alias SIMON TEMPLAR drove in the famous tv-show THE SAINT (in Norway known as  HELGENEN, screened on fridays on norwegian TV, when my parents were younger). The car TEMPLAR drove was a white VOLVO 1800P, a sports car, while the one I spotted was a red  VOLVO 1800ES, an estate, a station wagon.  The VOLVO 1800 ES ran out of production in 1973 and only 8,077 of the ES were built in its two model years.  

Another thing maybe worth mentioning about my blogpost about the VOLVO is that I can tell by the statistics on my site that I have had 18 hits from a page called 'car-accident-pictures' this last week. I have had some more viewers then normal lately because of the Vixen BlogAward, but these I am tempted to "blame" on the car post, not minMote and VIXEN. Who knows. Anyways, here are some beautiful pictures of these two Volvo models from back in the days.