After a WINTER with a lot of time spent indoors I the other day came to the CONCLUSION that I was SHITTY BORED with our apartment. My solution was to REDECORATE. I have always been a big fan of redecorating (as a CHILD I was also a big fan of cleaning and organizing.. to the degree that I sometimes insisted on organizing my FRIENDS' rooms if I felt their mess was preventing their rooms to live up to their POTENTIAL... This need is not as strong today as it used to be ..but I still really like to clean when I think about the result, I like the result, I think this might also  be the reason why I was able to work as a MAID in a HOTEL for three summers without boring the living crap out of myself) Anyway, I still often feel this NEED to redecorate, I might have gotten this need  from my mother who once told me that my father used to say that he never knew how the house would LOOK like when he returned home after a couple of weeks of offshore working. So yes, this weekend E and I decided that we had to change things up APARTMENT wise, as we were having a really hard time motivating ourselves to make the apartment look nice and tidy. We didn't just move around the furniture we also made the SITTING ROOM into the DINING ROOM and the other way around. I can really recommend this STRATEGY if you are tired of your apartment, have more than just every day problems motivating yourself to CLEAN and you can't afford a cleaning lady or to just buy new stuff. It put me at least TWO STEPS UP on the mood ladder.