The other day I was inside ..all day ...SICK I decided to catch some FRESH AIR by putting my head out the WINDOW. At the platz, right under the window, this RED CONVERTIBLE was parked and I couldn't help but dream away ... dreaming that I was this fabulously dressed ...not sick... girl looking out the window ..because I had just heard my date ...who was here to pick me up to go do something amazing ..honk the horn on his car. ( At this point I think I was a bit influenced by one of the latest SEX AND THE CITY episodes I had just watched.. nothing like a reunion with that show when you're in bed sick... where Big comes to pick up Carrie in a car and she looks out her window and sees him by the car waiting for her.. of course they end up not going on a trip.. and BREAK UP instead.. but I kind of chose to remember just the nice outfits and the date under the window in a car part)  Ah...  But there I was, in my KIMONO, kind of FEVERISH, alone in the apartment, E at a meeting, soon to arrive home by BIKE, not fun car. So well, some other time maybe. Because I have to admit that one of the things I really liked when I met E was that he knew how to DRIVE... after dating some art and musician types who never had taken their license it was a big relief to meet a guy who knew how to drive a car.. call it silly.. I just like my man to be able to drive.  So even though we don't have a car right now there is still a chance that this DREAM of mine ...of looking out the window and seeing a handsome man in a good looking car waiting for mer ..might be just around the corner.. and not an endless line of kind of UNSEXY and definitely expensive DRIVING LESSONS away.