Photo:  Lars Otto Hammer, Erlend's dad

Yesterday ERLEND's PARENTS sent us some pictures from their GARDEN.. or more precisely, some pictures of the CREATURES that these days seems to be happily LIVING in their garden, an ELK MOM and her CHILD. E's parents live in VÅLER in NORWAY, and as you can see there is still a lot of SNOW there.. so maybe this little family got tired of looking for food and found some nice treats under the trees in their garden. I think E's parents normally put out food in the trees for little BIRDS I guess maybe they found their food.. If it's the case it would not be the first time an ANIMAL FAMILY made a this kind of discovery in the HAMMER family's backyard. When we visited them last autumn, a BADGER family was paying the garden a visit for a late EVENING SNACK. I had never seen a badger before so I thought it was really cool, exciting having a COUNTRY boy as boyfriend;) ..Even though it seems like you don't have to live on the countryside anymore to see big animals in your yard. My MOM discovered a huge DEER in our front yard some weeks ago when she was getting the morning PAPER. Of course BØNES is not located in the city center, but a DEER in your yard is still not something you would normally expect..  (I thought the fur around the elk's ears was so nice that I cropped one of the pictures, hope thats ok Lars Otto)