I had originally written a LONG TEXT to this post that DISAPPEARED after the problems that occurred on blogger last week. I must admit I'm not in the mood to write it all over again(it's kind of like when you write an email and it gets deleted ..and you have to write it all over again.. and that is super BORING), but I can summarize it like this; it was about how perfect our TRIP to FRANCE was this Easter.. with one exception; our MOTEL in CHAMPAGNE. The street the motel was situated on immediately reminded me of some other godforsaken streets I've driven through in the United States ..and the motel enhanced that feeling by being completely TWIN PEAKS CREEPY. The combination of room decor in tone to tone PINK or TURQUOISE (we got to choose between different rooms they showed us, ..we chose the one that did not have a built-in plastic bathroom like the ones they have in cabins on boats) sixties furniture, room number signs outside the rooms that were made in TILES and looked like something you would expect to be outside your little mini flat in GREECE or Mallorca, floor carpets you would expect to see on the floors on a ship/casino/bigger newer hotel, french style mirror/posters on the walls(you know those you find in cafés who want a certain french look), big glass cabins filled with different wine/champagne artefacts that made the place seem like a museum ..together with of course ..dark corridors with unstable blinking lights. The reason why I am mentioning this is not to admit that our holidays are not always as idyllic as they appear on my blog, but to give some  context to these pictures and the story that follows ; the day we arrived E had to go back down to the CAR that was parked at the hotels parking lot to get something. (I stayed in our turquoise room) It was at this point dark outside ..except from some NEON LIGHTS that came from the motel was also very quiet because .. as I mentioned ..we were on a godforsaken street. As E walked towards the car he passed the motel's GARDEN which was filled with different ELECTRIC PLASTIC animals and vehicles that kids could go for a ride on( there might be a perfect english word for these kind of things... but I do not know it).  Many of them looked like they didn't function any more and some of them had been taken apart. So there in the dark semi-lit garden E sees this HORSE, not standing still as all the other rides, but MOVING back and forth in a FAST AGGRESSIVE pace making a low mechanic sound WITH NO ONE ON IT. What can I say.. CREEPY.. and to me definitely a Twin Peaks moment. Had it been me picking something up from the car I'm afraid I might have turned around. In the daylight the next day it did not look that creepy.. but I still think that those eyes... are the eyes of a kind of scary ...possibly EVIL electric toy horse. And yes, I have a vivid imagination.