Earlier today I was invited by my NIECE (she is not my niece by blood  ..no, my sister does not have a 10 year old daughter.. she is the daughter of my ex boyfriend's sister.. and we have kind of just decided to stay family ..even though the relationship that originally made us family ended.. but enough about that)  to join her to what I thought was an ART EXHIBITION ..that her art class was having before summer. A friend of her mother GRY, an artist named ANTONIO JOSE GUZMAN (who is currently doing a residency at FLAGGFABRIKKEN) was originally gonna go with her but I was invited to join them last minute. When I met YRJA and ANTONIO I soon realized that there was no exhibition, we were joining her to her weekly art class. When we entered the apartment owned by the artist who teaches her art classes ...we also realized that the class was much more INTIMATE than we expected. Her class consists normally of three-four girls and their teacher, but today there were also three KITTENS involved(Angel (the white and grey one), Liquorice (the darkest one) and Orange (the orange one). Three girls and three kittens = not much concentration, if you add two artist guests to the equation it doesn't help. So for the three girls and their teacher to be able to concentrate about the art we had to leave  ..but before we left I managed to shoot a couple of pictures of the kittens and YRJA drawing.