One of the fun things about being in VENICE during the BIENNIAL is the dinners, parties and receptions that the different countries and institutions host. My favorite this year was OCA's (Office of Contemporary Art) dinner in honor of the norwegian participation during the biennial. I tried to keep my cool when I entered the palazzo where the dinner was held, but everything was so amazing that I could not resist picking up my CAMERA a couple of times during the evening to take a couple of snaps. The food(supposedly catered from a restaurant with Michelin stars), the interior, I can't begin to describe, the nice waiters(behaving like if an italian mom had taken over their body for the evening), and of course the view over the GRAND CANAL. When I left, I realized that I had been a bit overwhelmed ..because all I could think was that I should have had more to eat, I should have taken more pictures, I should have tasted more of the wines.. there had just been to much I liked at the same place.. what can I say.. I just love fantastic food, wine and beautiful places.