Even though SUMMER is in no way over (according to some of my friends in Norway it some places feels like it never started) I have already had one of the best summers of my life. In some ways it feels like summer almost started around Easter when E and I went on our wonderful WINE TRIP to MOSEL, CHAMPAGNE and BEAUNE ..and the weather turned out to be amazing. But the real summer started with our trip to VENICE ..followed by fantastic days in BASEL, LUGANO and then PIEMONTE ..then followed by more beautiful summer days in BERLIN. This period of time has also been my engagement period, as some of you might remember E asked me to marry him right before we went off on our wine trip ..and I said yes:) For this period of time my SISTER and her fiance have also been living in Berlin so it has been exceptionally GOOD TIMES. I feel that good times often result in good pictures and I have loved sharing the photos from these last six months with all of you. For the next month there might be a lower posting frequency on my blog than usual as I will take a summer blogging holiday while I take a month's trip to NORWAY and also do the last planning for our SEPTEMBER WEDDING. E and I have been joking that even though these last amazing trips in some ways have been the perfect warm up for the was also maybe not the smartest choice weight wise. ;) We also prepare the move to a new apartment. A lot of more fantastic events ...and pictures to come in other words! Continue to have a wonderful summer everyone and thank you all for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments! It means a lot:)