As I have mentioned before there is nothing that triggers my need to photograph like STUNNING LIGHT (if you add matching flowers and drinks I'm sold).. and if you still have not noticed ..this apartment, especially the kitchen in the afternoon ..has amazing light. These pictures were taken last Friday (this one has been totally gray; hello autumn) when we had PAMELA over for some Friday drinks (prosecco, peach and rasberry). The drinks turned into a barbecue( Pamela brought some vegetables some friends of her's here in Berlin grow in their garden, amazing!)  and good wine; in other words a perfect Friday. This Friday night has been spent at KaDeWe picking up RINGS at TIFFANY'S (they turned out super nice!) and looking for 'wedding dress friendly underwear'. I think I found what I need ...and ended up buying something that I thought I NEVER would buy. More about both rings and surprising shopping decisions later..  Have a nice weekend everyone!