Yesterday at the crack of dawn this PILE OF PRESENTS was delivered to our apartment by a sweet KaDeWe guy in a white coat with nice blue letters (wish I had taken a photo of him). The presents are all the wedding gifts from KaDeWe that our lovely guests/friends/family has given us. It was SOO FUN to get all the presents delivered to our apartment ..all in one!  We chose to register at KaDeWe because they have a good online service that made it possible for people in Norway to give us stuff without having to send it or bring it on the plane to BERLIN. When the gifts were delivered I also realized that the delivery thing was super because we then did not have to bring all the gifts home from the party AND we got to open all the presents our selves:) ..instead of having some appointed person unwrap them (which is the way we often do it in Norway at least) who would rather have a nice glass of bubbles with all of the other guests. So thank you to all of you sweet people who gave us lots of great stuff from KaDeWe, we had a blast unwrapping it all:)