These pictures were taken two days after we got married, before the party we hosted for our friends at the cocktail bar CSA on KARL MARX ALLEE. We met up with BRITNEY and MAGNUS a couple of hours before the PARTY and took some pictures and a drink. We were really lucky to have friends of ours do all the wedding photos, for me that made the photo shoot something much more and much more fun than if a stranger would do it. When we met Britney and Magnus they were both dressed up for the party as well, and all the time when Britney was taking pictures I was thinking; ah someone should be photographing her, she looks so great (she was wearing this nice coat and her hair and makeup looked fantastic). I'm really sad I don't have a picture of it, but I guess when you have your wedding photos taken you just have to accept that you are not the one doing the photography that day. 

So ..I really wanted our wedding photos to be taken on Karl Mar Allee. Even though E and I met in OSLO this is where he lived when we met, where we lived together for the first time and where he proposed to me. Even though Karl Marx Allee can be a little too monumental, gray and quiet in the long run I have always loved the esthetics of the architecture in our neighborhood. I therefore really like that some of the pictures Britney and Magnus took of us shows the beauty of the KINO INTERNATIONAL and CAFE MOSCAU. For some these buildings will probably always just mainly be iconic buildings, but for me it is the neighborhood where it all started.