When you read this I will be on my way to MIAMI(!). We are going there to see the ART BASEL fair, SWIM, enjoy the SUN and hopefully eat lots of LOBSTER and drink CHAMPAGNE. I can't wait, I have never been to Miami before and I have never really thought about going there .. but now that I am I can't wait ..and I can't stop singing Will Smiths song Miami ( it's this thing that I have; that I often start singing songs that have the same words in them as something that just have been said ..or something I'm doing ..or whatever.. the other day it was Wham's CLUB TROPICANA.. for the same reason as the Will Smith song..)  Miami will (hopefully..even though I love Christmas) be a big contrast to what's going on in these pictures; they were taken last night at the lighting of the NORWEGIAN CHRISTMAS TREE at PARISER PLATZ by BRANDENBURGER TOR. There was GLØGG, WAFFLES and HOT DOGS .. some entertainment and of course; what we all were waiting for; the lighting of the tree; I think it looks quite beautiful.