So these are the pictures from the day that I picked up my wedding dress. It was the first time I saw the veil completely finished together with the dress ..and I was super HAPPY about the result. On top of that it was just really fun to be there in the store with all my BERLIN GIRLFRIENDS (in their matching black power girl outfits) ...and a very nice couple shopping that got very fascinated by the the scandinavian 'Midsummer Night's Dream' like bride, trying on the dress and drinking SPARKLING ROSÉ on the house (THANK YOU!) After I put on the dress and the veil we decided to try on the flower crown my friends had bought me for the evening's BACHELORETTE PARTY. There was something kind of magical that happened when I put it on ..the flower crown made me feel like a FAIRY TALE princess who spends all day playing in the forest and has a MAGICAL DEER with FLOWER ANTLERS as her best friend ..or one the ANGELS in the scraps (glansbildene) I had as a child. At this point I had not decided about flowers and I started thinking maybe this was meant to be.. because if I wore a flower crown I didn't need to buy a bouquet  ...thinking about this today it was almost like the crown put a spell on me and the people around me. It's weird how an object like this flower crown can change an outfit ...and the whole atmosphere. Looking back at it today it's obvious to me that the magic of the flower crown was meant for that moment and not the wedding day, it would have been totally wrong for my wedding and the kind of look that I was going for, but as I said, right there and then, it was like it put a SPELL ON ME.