As I might have mentioned before I wanted to make a post about the MAKING of my WEDDING DRESS. I wanted to do this for two reasons; the first one is because my beautiful friend LINDSAY photographed the whole process and the pictures turned out really nice. The second reason is because I think the CRUBA crew, with the designer MIRA BECKER in the front did a wonderful job. Not only did they make a beautiful dress, they also made me feel very welcome and at home during the whole process. Deciding to get married in a country you don't know as well as your home country is both exciting and challenging. The process made me learn new things about BERLIN, meet new people and see new places ..and I think especially when you decide to do your wedding outside your comfort zone it means a lot when you meet nice people who do a really good job; and so I did, so I was LUCKY!

Soo ..I decided to start looking for my wedding dress when my MOM and my SISTER were here in BELIN this summer. I knew I didn't want anything too fancy since we were getting married at the Embassy, I also knew I wanted something ELEGANT and CLASSIC and maybe a bit  'LA CONFIDENTIAL like' ( I  love the combination of sexy and elegant that you find in the style of the women in the FILM NOIR genre).  I had already made a sketch only days after Erlend proposed to me. I had never really thought about how my dress would look like if I were to get married, but as soon as I had the wedding information at hand; I was getting married to ERLEND, in BERLIN, at the EMBASSY, I knew what kind of dress I wanted. I remember going into our bedroom taking up a piece of paper and a pen and making a SKETCH. When I was a teenager I wanted to become a FASHION DESIGNER so I drew a lot of clothes. I don't draw clothes like I used to anymore, so when I do ..I do it in almost the exact way I did 10-15 years ago. So the sketch I made was of a slim faceless version of me with course; very long legs a white long dress with an open back and a casual waist line.

In the beginning, when we were visiting different stores and trying on different dresses I had this sketch in the back of my head, but then I tried on sooo many different beautiful dresses and I kind of forgot all about it.. until we visited the store CRUBA in MITTE. I had noticed this store before and I was mainly entering to look for a dress for the PARTY we were planning for two days after the wedding. I didn't really find what I was looking for ..but then one of MIRA's assistants told she had a dress in the back that was meant for special occasions. She went and got it and I tried the dress on, it was a LIGHT GREY/BLUEISH LONG SILK DRESS, simple in the front with a beautiful back. Actually the dress was made so that it could be WORN BOTH WAYS, but I have always been a SUCKER for dresses with beautiful backs so I automatically took it on so that THE BACK became the most spectacular side of the dress. The dress was not in my size and I was not sure about the color, but the assistant told me that there was enough time to make a new dress for my wedding date if I wished. Leaving the store I came to think of my sketch and how many similarities it had to the dress I had tried on in the store. I still had not made up my mind if this was THE DRESS, but I had made an appointment to come back and meet the designer MIRA and discuss the dress and possible changes to the design later that month. I will post pictures from that appointment tomorrow (So yes, there will not be one post, there will be many..  )