Last night's SLIDELUCK was great. I showed up early to help organize and work the door when people arrived, but I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening. A lot of people showed up, great food from TACOS BERLIN, drinks, friends, a well curated slideshow and a little bit of dancing. For those of you who missed the show last night, these are the pictures that I participated with. The theme for the event was BORDERS and I chose to do a show that dealt with borders in a very simple way; borders between colors, space and time. After I met E I have been traveling so much more than I did before and it is strange and fun to realize that all these pictures come from the last year of my life. The borders of my life are very different now than they were two years ago. The show always needs to be accompanied by a song and my music selection was the TALKING HEADS song (NOTHING BUT)FLOWERS. At these shows there is often a lot of kind of serious and sometimes heavy documentary photography so I wanted mine to work as a kind of contrast to that. I have never been very good at making serious, heavy stuff anyway;) Will post some pictures from the event later!