Tonight is the the forth SLIDELUCK POTSHOW in BERLIN.  'SLIDELUCK POTSHOW was founded in Seattle, Washington, USA and is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. SLPS operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about forty cities around the world. But since Berliners and potlucks don’t always mix, we've opted for a SLIDELUCK.' This year's Berlin show will feature work by:

Adelaide Ivánova * Alex Leme * Andrea Diefenbach * Anna Kostreva * Anne Wölk * Barbara Wagner * Britney Anne Majure * Casey Kelbaugh * Cezary Zacharewicz / 2081 * Elsa Thorp * Emilxa Xurylowicz / brksfck * Hayley Austin * Jan von Holleben * Jane Stockdale * Javier Sirvent * Jen Osborne * Jessica Polar * John Francis Peters * Kari Kjøsnes * Katrin Björk * Kirsten Luce * Kominek Gallery * Lindsay Amelie Isola * Magnus Bjerk * Malte Jäger * Mila Teshaieva * Mirjam Siefert * Ostkreuz * Rafal Milach * Sirio Magnabosco * Susan May Tell

Tonights event will be held at HBC  on KARL-LIEBKNECHT-STRASSE, there is a MEXICAN THEME; the food is catered by our friends TACOS BERLIN and there will be discounted MARGARITAS, tequila and Mezcal available from the .HBC Bar ...and BROOKLYN LAGER will be in town! ..and there will be live entertainment next to the slideshow. And this is one of the pictures I will be showing today:) If anyone decides they want to stop by for some food, fun, drinks and slideshow I will see you there, from 7 and on!