The other day I raided the WOOL departments at COS, H&M and KaDeWe; a thick BLUE wool sweater from COS menswear ( I love their sweaters; classic fits and good quality) and a thin BLACK wool sweater from COS women, tights and socks from FALKE( found a pair of tights that I really loved that was in SILK but turned out they costed 130 euros so think that one will have to wait till ...  I don't know when), a super soft headband from SEEBERGER( that actually got me out on a jog; my ears aways hurts really bad when it's cold and I get exhausted, so it was perfect for me; no ear pain + I always feel it's more easy to leave the house when it's cold if I can wear something warm and soft that I feel takes care of me, haha, I'm such a comfort person) ..and one really soft ORANGE sweater from H&M. I'm ready for winter! Have a nice WEEKEND:)