Photo: Anne-Line Nygaard

Some time back the charming and talented girls STINE FANTOFT BERG and MAREN STETTE MOSAKER visited our apartment in BERLIN to do an interview with E for their online magazine FIN NETTMAGASIN. They also brought ANNE LINE NYGAARD as photographer. We had a really nice time with them so it was soo nice to see the pictures and read the interview today..especially I think since we are in NY(that is also why I have not been that good at posting these last days.. sorry)... and it was kind of nice to see our apartment and view now that we are far from home (yes, I am not a very cool traveler, I miss my home and things no matter how amazing the city I visit is) If you read Norwegian you can read the interview HERE.. or if you don't understand the Norwegian you can just look at the pictures:)