This beautiful BOOK I got from my friend HANNE for my birthday. It weighs a ton (or more like 4,4 kilos ... but that's enough when you are bringing it in your luggage ...after Christmas... from BERGEN to BERLIN). First I didn't think I would be able to bring it... for bringing it would mean an extra piece of luggage ..something I have asked E many times if we can bring when we're leaving NORWAY.. but that has always been kind of politely overruled (something I have respected since after all it would be him in the end carrying it the four floors up to our apartment) BUT this time it was magically OK. Ok, lets face it, not really magically- it had everything to do with a certain magnum bottle of CHAMPAGNE that E was starting to realize would not come home with us unless we booked an extra piece. But who cares about the reason when you get to come home and get inspiration from this book ...and on top of that look forward to drinking that bottle of champagne some time in the near future.