This weekend we went on a short trip to CHAMPAGNE with HANNE. It was kind of a spontaneous trip; the drive from BRUSSELS is quite short, about three hours, we all love Champagne ..and HANNE had never been there before. The thing that struck me most on this trip was how the atmosphere and colors were so different from the last time we were there. It was amazing to see how the landscape changes; THE COLORS and THE VINES. Last time we went to CHAMPAGNE it was very lively; it was SPRING, SUNNY and WARM, everything was starting to bloom and there were YELLOW FLOWER FIELDS everywhere. This time the atmosphere was so toned down, calm and quiet. For fun we decided to stop by a spot where we had a beautiful PICNIQUE last year. Even though I think most of us will prefer the spring version, I still loved the spot the way it looked now too.  ... STILL ...comparing this trips pictures with last years ones makes me exited about the hopefully soon upcoming spring! You can see pictures of the spring version of the spot HERE and HERE. ( I even did a 'door shot' when I was there ..since I remembered that I took one last time..)