On one of my last days in NY I met my friend GITTE for a cup of tea. GITTE has been traveling in SOUTH AMERICA since ...actually almost since our wedding in SEPTEMBER, and was stopping by NY, one of her favorite cities, on her way home to BERGEN. It was great seeing her, hearing about her trip and just hanging out. It's weird how my relationships have changed after I moved from NORWAY. Before I always had a small group of friends that I saw often, while now that I live in Berlin AND travel a lot I get to see a large group of my friends, but none of them very often. Somehow this is nice because it gives me the feeling that all my friends are still a part of my EVERYDAY LIFE, even though I don't live in the same city as them ..because I actually see them almost as often as the ones who live in the same city as me. (In Berlin we are not the only ones moving around a lot, even though we kind of have been taking A LEAD this last year). I guess what I'm trying to say is that since I don't see any of my friends ALL THE TIME, it doesn't really feel like I have LEFT anyone either. I guess for many people this is a weird thing to be thinking about. But up till I met E I was really not the traveling kind, I wasn't even the moving kind. I had most of my friends and family located in two cities in NORWAY. For those who follow my blog and don't know me from before it might come as a SURPRISE, but I am the kind of person who is actually perfectly happy where I am ...and have no need to travel and explore ...AT ALL. Until I was 23 I had no need to even leave BERGEN, but when I did and went to OSLO I kind of realized that when that step had been taken, I could live anywhere, but STILL, being me, I was totally content with my life in OSLO and had no plans to move anywhere else, but then I met E, who was living in BERLIN and who traveled all the time ..and the rest is BLOG HISTORY. I guess for me E has kind of become the stable element in my life and as long as we travel together it feels like HOME. And since I am the kind of person who's alway HAPPY where I am, I also love spending time at all the places I travel to. It's hard to explain, but the truth is that I still don't feel the need to travel, but something has changed, because I can now not IMAGINE my life without it, I guess that in weird way all the traveling has made me feel some of the same way about places that I do about my friends, I have so many BEAUTIFUL ones, that I kind of don't want to have to choose any over another.