Last week I visited a new soup place in BERGEN called BASTANT. It is located in the charming street LILLE ØVREGATEN, not far from FLØYEN. They have great SOUPS served with delicious paninis ...and they have a FIREPLACE, a perfect combination for a city like BERGEN where the skies often are GREY and the RAIN is pouring down. (When they get their liquor license it will be an even more perfect place for typical Bergen days ...and I have heard that they have an amazing BRUNCH on the weekends). If I should mention one negative thing about the place it is their storefront sign. In my opinion it does not communicate at all what a great place you find behind the doors ..If  I had passed this place, seen their sign .. without any knowledge of the place  ..I would probably not have entered.  But now you also know better, so don't be fooled by the kind of tacky sign ..enter and forget all about it as you eat your nice warm soup in front of the fireplace. You can by the way read more about the place here.