Last week I took some photos for CRUBA by Mira Becker. It's FASHION WEEK here in BERLINand CRUBA is presenting their new S/S 2013 collection at the store in Auguststraße. 

As part of this they are also launching a special project, a collection of SUNGLASSES based on the story of Jens Söring, a German who is currently in prison in the United States. Here's what the press release from CRUBA says about the project:

Birth Control Glasses: “These are the villains, with the unwashed hair and thick glasses.”(Söring)

In US prisons inmates are only allowed to choose one frame for their glasses. It is made of black plastic and the design is from the 60’s. It envelops one’s face and makes its wearer appear suspicious.
“These Frames don’t help in terms of rehabilitation. They merely stigmatize!” Mira Becker states.
CRUBA wants to sharpen the vision for the conditions that prisoners are put in, and offers exactly this model. As sunglasses with coloured shades they will be presented during the Berlin and New York fashion week. 

Presentation of the CRUBA sunglass collection 
July 6th-8th 12-7pm 
glasses will be available

CRUBA by Mira Becker designs transmit a message about Berlin's vibrant energy. Mira’s collection expresses the lightness and movement of fine woven cashmere and other natural materials. Upon a closer look one notices the intricate cuts and architectural approach, and her perfectionism when it comes to quality. Her designs reflect the energy, creativity and innovative esprit of one of the hottest cities in the world. After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris, Mira Becker worked for Zero – Maria Cornejo. In Berlin she started her own label CRUBA by Mira Becker. Mira’s flagship store in the heart of Berlin is a place to soak in the avant-garde and easygoing atmosphere of the city.

Jens Söring
This German national has been incarcerated for a murder he alleges not to have committed 26 years ago. He was denied parole for the seventh time in 2011, even though new DNA evidence in his favour has surfaced that the Virginia justice system chooses to ignore. We carefully researched his case and find that, whether guilty or not, Jens Söring deserves a second chance: to be transferred to Germany where he would live under reasonable circumstances.

Markus Löning, Human Rights Commissioner of Germany, has been pursuing the release or extradition of Jens Söring. The United States has one of the highest documented incarceration rates in the world.