What a first week in NY! After only being here a couple of days, some friends of ours asked if we wanted to join them for one of the quarter finals of the US OPEN. When Erlend's phone rang and I realized it was regarding extra tickets for the US OPEN …for US, I  was jumping up and down. I have never been to a tennis match before, and to get tickets to the US open!  Erlend then checked the match schedule and found out that the match that we were watching was with ROGER FEDERER …ROGER FEDERER!!  I think I actually screamed …and the jumping went to a totally new level. He is for me (and probably for sooo many others)  the ultimate tennis player. Not only is he an amazing player, he is also very handsome AND the fact that he wears the BEST classic tennis outfits (not those modern colorful, long shorts, singlets and sneakers that NADAL wears) brings this out perfectly. Roger is just perfect. 

So …as a continuation of my statement of Roger being perfect;  after my first excitement calmed down I suddenly remembered something that had happened many years ago. Before I met Erlend I was dating a guy that really liked tennis ..and Federer, so when he dumped me (not long after we had watched Federer lose the Olympic final to Nadal, so not a good period of time for either of us) I said that I would get back at him, by ending up with Federer. I know, a STUPID thing to say of course, and I don't think he really cared, but it made me feel better at the time. Of course this was also kind of a long shot, and not something that I have given much thought to since  … BUT as I was walking around in my 'I'm going to the US open ..AND I have great tickets really close to the court …AND FEDERER is playing' I suddenly remembered what I had said years ago. I felt that the universe had almost, kind of, at least as realistic as possible, granted me what I HAD WISHED FOR. YES, I know, its not exactly the same, but for me to sit almost court side with my fantastic husband watching Federer play a US open match is close enough. 

BUT..then later that day E breaks the news to me, he had looked at the wrong match, we were not seeing the match with Federer, who had actually shockingly lost his game earlier the same day. We were watching the other quarter final between DEL POTRO and DJOKOVIC. I have to admit; at first I was very disappointed … and kind of pissed at E for misreading the match schedule. But then I managed to get back to acting like an adult …and not like a 14 year old girl ..and starting looking forward to the game.

And the match WAS GREAT, it was so much fun watching it live, and not to mention the atmosphere at the stadium. We are very lucky to have friends that include us in such great experiences. (and when all came to it, the universe gave me a little consolation gift by sending both ED WESTWICK and ALEC BALDWIN to the match, two men that, just like Federer also look really good in classic outfits, in their cases expensive suits.)

I think I'm out of the transit zone, I am now all in!