When I started writing this blogpost I was going back and forth. Should I start by writing about leaving BERLIN or should I start by writing about arriving in NY. The BERLIN start felt a bit SAD, the NY version was more HAPPY. The truth is that I was feeling a bit of both and for that reason my problems figuring out what to say.  I know that I am LUCKY and above all that I should feel happy, but at the same time feel a bit lost.. and confused but also excited .. well yes everything. So I guess I will serve you that on this very FIRST BLOGPOST from what will be MY HOME for the rest of the year; NEW YORK. 

So to begin with; I'm more than excited to be here. As for so many others, living here has been a dream. In my case since I was 15 sitting in MATH CLASS drawing clothes, dreaming about moving to NY and becoming a FASHION DESIGNER. This, by the way, was  also the same time that I watched the television show FRIENDS RELIGIOUSLY a part of the dream was also to have my best friend with me in NY living in apartment just across the hall. A lot of things have happened and changed since then, above all I am TWICE THE AGE  I was back then …which is kind of insane to think about now that I think of it. Hmm, thinking about this gives me a weird feeling. Ok, so yes, most of all coming here made me realize how much both I, and my relationship to NY, have changed. The black and white's of my teens are still there but so many shades of grey have been added. NY is no longer an abstract fantasy, but a real city, for better and for worse. 

A friend of mine said right before we left BERLIN that moving is one of the hardest things you do, a lot of people in fact say this all the time, but I thought he had a very nice way of saying it. He said moving is hard because it challenges all parts of us. It's hard on the body; It's physically challenging (at least if you don't  pay someone to move for you and you live on the fourth floor with no elevator); it's hard on the mind; moving takes a lot of planning and organizing. LAST but not at least ; it's hard on your heart; to leave a home, a city and friends that you love is truly a hard process. 

While writing this post I realized that the reason why I didn't know what to write was because I'm in a TRANSIT ZONE trying to establish my new everyday life and routines, the foundation that when in place, can be danced on. I think this blogpost will mark a change in my blog. From now on, in addition to the pictures that I post, I will try to add some nuances through my writing.

(We have no internet at the apartment at this point; the reason for my radio silence. The internet will be installed on the 11th, but will try to update as often as possible up till then. For now you can look at the view I wake up to every morning, I feel lucky.)