Last Sunday E and I went for a loooong WALK. We have been waking up quite early since we got here and with the nice weather ..and no internet connection in the apartment, it's been perfect to walk the island exploring. So this Sunday we decided that we would walk HOUSTON STREET towards the HUDSON RIVER , then walk around lower Manhattan until we reached HOUSTON again, but at this time on the east side, and than follow that till we reached the 'middle' of Manhattan again. The walk took about 4 hours, breaks included. I'm glad I took a lot of pictures because when I look at them I realize how much we saw. Almost the entire route we walked is made walking friendly with paths for joggers and bikers, trees and flowers have been planted and  almost all the time you walk right by the water. One of the things we came across on our way was the  NEW AMSTERDAM MARKET. It's a farmer's market that takes place every Sunday from 11am to 4pm at the old FULTON FISH MARKET( located on South Street and Beekman Street in Lower Manhattan). After walking through the market getting more and more hungry and trying to decide on what to eat we landed on the LONESTAR TACOS. We were not alone making that choice ..and we were not disappointed:)