These pictures were taken yesterday evening as the SUN was setting over the SPIRAL JETTY. After leaving the Jetty on Thursday we decided that we wanted to go back to see it during the sunset the next day. Both E and I agree that it was totally worth it. The first day there was no wind and it was very warm. It was so quiet and still that it was STRIKING, even for a Norwegian. When we arrived yesterday there were small waves on the lake and the wind was blowing gently. As I was balancing on the stones on my way out on the Jetty, trying not to get my shoes wet, I suddenly realized how ridiculous it was that I was wearing shoes. The wind and the salty water made me feel like I was by the OCEAN, and that totally changed my feelings about the situation. Instead of thinking of the Jetty as only a piece of ART that I was balancing on, it also became a tool to relate to and experience the nature surrounding it. With that shift the shoes had to go, and I had the best time walking around feeling the water, sand and rocks under my feet and the wind and warm sun on my face.