For some time time now I have been wanting to write about the BIG AMAZING SCARVES that you might have noticed in a couple of my blogposts, like herehere ...and here. These scarves have become some of my most precious belongings, and my favorite thing to wear with almost everything. Not only are they of great quality; 100% amazingly soft italian cashmere, they are also really big, almost like a blanket (perfect for me since I'm almost always cold), they function from everything from a standard scarf to almost sculptural outfits AND they remind me of the one who designed them; my friend MIRA. For those of you who have an excellent memory; yes, she is the one that designed my wedding dress. Looking back at it, it is so fascinating to think about how life works sometimes. When I walked into her shop CRUBA by Mira Becker in MITTE in BERLIN about a year and a half ago, with my mom and my sister, I had no idea that she would not only make me my DREAM WEDDING DRESS, but also become my FRIEND and then later give me the opportunity to do my first real FASHION SHOOT (I realize now that I have never really posted pictures of the results of those shoots here on the blog so I will have to do that later).

Well, so back to the scarves. When I was packing for NEW YORK I had a big problem deciding on which scarf I should bring ..because I now have three of them ( a bright blue one, a brown/grey one  ..and one in a bright red/ pink/coral color) ...yes I got carried away... but I'm not really good at choosing, especially if I really like both ..or in this case all three. Often if I have to choose I just end up not going with neither because I hate choosing, BUT this time that was not an alternative I remember packing and E asking me; 'which one of the CRUBA scarfs are you bringing?', and I just answered' ah I haven't really decided yet' ..even though all three of them were already in my bag and I knew I couldn't leave any of them. It was kind of the same as when I go to H&M and E asks me if I bought something and I go; 'I just bought one thing, it was on sale, it was this sweater that I really needed' ..when I really bought two things and the other one was def not on sale and sequin. I've actually talked to E about it and he does the same thing ...only with WINE.

So after arriving in NY I have not for a second regretted bringing all of them. It was so funny because when we arrived here E was saying; 'someone is definitively going to comment on your scarves'. And I said; 'like just on the street?' and he said; 'yeah, you know, we are not in BERLIN anymore, we're in the NY, here people talk to each other on the street.' And he was right.  The first time I wore my blue scarf since I came here, I was in WILLIAMSBURG walking down Bedford Ave, and this older lady (the Brooklyn version of the ADVANCED STYLE ladies) called out to me; 'I love your scarf! (short pause, I smile to her)'. She continues; 'I want it! Give it to me! ( I smile even more, but keep walking, you never know with these old ladies ..I didn't want to end up in a tug of war with her)'.  So now I don't only LOVE my scarves ...I  LOVE the AMERICAN RESPONSE to them too.