Yesterday ERLEND made a surprise dinner for BRITNEY and me. He got all the food at the UNION SQUARE GREENMARKET ...and the meal was delicious, BUT I think the most SURPRISING part about the dinner was this little sucker; THE STEAMER CLAM. Originally E had been looking for RAZOR CLAMS, which are really good, but he didn't find any so he ended up with these on the recommendation of the seafood guy. He was also instructed on how to prepare them and eat them. You steam them in some white wine and shallots, then you rinse them and dip them in butter mixed with garlic, parsley and lemon...then you eat them. This of course sounds like the way you would eat a lot of different clams, but I'm telling you, there was definitively something about this experience that stood out, and not only metaphorically speaking..  Let me try to explain; so the SHELL looks like any other shell, and most of the MUSCLE looks like any other muscle BUT it has an extra part, as you can tell from the picture, that kind of STANDS OUT ...and looks like a LITTLE PENIS. And then, kind of to fulfill this kind of already looking like a tiny little penis, when you rinse it you have to take of this thin black skin that covers it .. and that process kind of feels like removing a condom  ...or pushing back foreskin. And it continues... So when this thin skin is off you take the muscle out of it's shell and dip it in the water that you steamed it in to rinse it off. At this point you are holding "the little penis", and you realize that the rest of the muscle that's hanging down from it, totally looks like balls. Haha. It was so funny. I just had to share it with you, it was such a fun food experience.. For those of you already a little skeptical about clams this probably didn't help ..but if you have the stomach for it..both the taste and the look of it; I highly recommend it.