The day we left MIAMI we rented a CAR and started driving north in FLORIDA. This was the start of a ROADTRIP that took us to GAINSWILLE, then DESTIN (both FLORIDA) through parts of ALABAMA, over to HURLEY, MISSISSIPPI and then to NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA where we are now. In Destin we met up with our friend BRITNEY. Ever since I met Britney in BERLIN I have been wanting to visit the part of the States where she is from ..when she was there ..and this year we got the chance. It's maybe not the best time of the year to visit; the water is cold and the temperature can get quite low...BUT the beaches are still beautiful, the seafood tastes amazing and the locals are still very cool. Best of all we got to visit and hang out with Britney's FAMILY. These picture were taken at the area around their BEACH HOUSE. Her family has been going there since the 70's and have witnessed how it has changed from a place where people used to camp on the beach to a very developed holiday destination. Tents or high rises, it's a very cool place and I HAVE to go back when the swimming temperatures are a little more friendly..