Sorry about not posting as regularly as usual lately ..but this month is kind of CRAZY. First it was organizing our move and saying goodbye to NEW YORK. That was a stressful, fun, sad and hectic EXPERIENCE. Then we arrived in VÅLER in NORWAY ..and stayed there two days (being jetlaged, mainly sleeping, eating Erlend's mom's food, watching old BECK episodes, petting the cats ...and repacking), then we flew to BERLIN ...that was part of our stay just as GREY in January as I remembered it  ..BUT we also met a lot of great FRIENDS, celebrated E's birthday, had delicious meals at CHEZ MAURICE ...and I even got the time for some work; shooting CRUBA by Mira Becker's AW 2013/2014 lookbook. It was the third time we did this together and it was really nice both seeing them and working with them again.

THEN we flew to BERGEN ...where I am now.. and in a couple of days we are off to TRONDHEIM for the weekend to see MY SISTER and FRODE, then it's OSLO for about a week ...and THEN's SPAIN. Yes, so I am a little bit all over the place  ..literally. I know you might think that all of these events must be somehow PHOTOGENIC and postable, but the truth is that at this point everything is just going so FAST and I am seeing so many people I LOVE  ..that I have not seen in a long time I am feeling that I am not capable of doing anything but being present in the moment. Because even though photographing is also a way for me to be very present, it also takes away my attention from other things ..and the truth is; I am not very good at doing many things at the same time. I am though a little bit better at INSTAGRAMING these days than BLOGGING, so for those of you who are on instagram; let's meet there:) ..and this picture was taken on KARL MARX ALLE the first year I lived in BERLIN.. going back brings back nice memories ..also of days less grey.