IN 2012 I...

_________Went for a beautiful January walk around Schlachtensee_________

_________Photographed some of the Fredrikstad bakery FASVO's  delicious cakes_______

__________Spent beautiful days visiting Hanne in her townhouse in Brussels_____________

____________Went on a road trip to Champagne_____________

________Photographed CRUBA by Mira Becker's store in Berlin________


___________Visited New York_____________

_______Went to the Berlin launch of Kunstkritikk's first paper edition_________

____________Tried out a new look________

_________ Drank Champagne in the Norwegian mountains___________

__________Was charmed by this little guy__________

________...and this guy_______

 _____Spent an amazing spring day at Nakholmen outside of Oslo_______

____________Enjoyed Easter in Paris________________

__________ ...watching the cherries in bloom__________

_______Photographed CRUBA by Mira Becker's fall/winter 2012-13 lookbook_______

_________Became Marie's 'fadder'_______

_____...and took some ..if I may say so myself.. beautiful pictures of her______

_________Photographed Synnøve and Kristoffer's beautiful  Bergen library wedding________

_______Got a new bike ________

___________Photographed Sigrun and Erik's Berlin wedding_________

________Visited beautiful Blumberg_________

_________Spent beautiful summer days at our balcony__________

____________Visited dOCUMENTA 13 in Kassel____________

_________Watched Venus pass the sun__________

________Bought a new bikini__________

_______Visited Piemonte_________

_____________....where I fell in love with this apricot tree_____________

__________...and had great fun with this gang________ this pool___________

 ________ ...sometimes wearing this hat and this bikini___________

__________Enjoyed watching this photo________

 ________Celebrated 4th of July at Flughafen Tempelhof___________

____________Ate many really, really nice meals___________

__________Trained out door boat yoga in Berlin_______________

________Spent cold but beautiful summer days at our family cabin in Norway_________

__________Picked mushrooms in Erlend's parents garden__________

_______Watched the beautiful apple trees at Alby, Norway_______

__________Spent summer days by Schlachtensee_______

__________Had a 'last' classic Berlin breakfast_________

_____________Said goodbye to Berlin___________

_________...and our beloved Berlin apartment________

________Drove to Norway with all our stuff_______

_________Moved to New York____________

________Hung out on the Lower East Side________

_________Walked on the High Line___________

_________Went to a US Open match__________

_____Enjoyed a prolonged  summer_________

________Loved watching The New Jersey skyline__________

____________Went on a road trip in The South West__________

______________... to look at amazing land art______________

____________Visited Monument Vally___________

__________Missed these two________

__________Loved watching the Manhattan skyline_________

________________Went to Eve and Alex's wedding ______________

____________...on beautiful Lake George _______________

___________...where I ate s'mores for the first time________________

__________Fell in love with the autumn colors in Upstate New York__________

__________Experienced SANDY and a following blackout__________

_______Was excited about experiencing the American holidays_______

___________ Went shopping at many of New York's Farmers markets______________

_________Came to love New York__________

___________Hung out with Arja____________

_________Photographed PDT's Jim Meehan mixing cocktails__________

____________Traveled to sunny Miami____________

____Saw some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen ...driving up the coast of Florida_____

_________Got to spend time with Britney and her family in her home state__________

____________ Spent a day at the Pascagula river___________

______________Visited beautiful New Orleans___________

___________...where I met Mr Big the amazing bar French 75_____________

_____Celebrated Christmas and New Years in New York (and became a big fan of instagram)_____

So all in all I would say it was a pretty good year... :)