After one night in NAPLES, we arrived yesterday evening at LIPARI, one of the seven AEOLIAN islands just north of SICILY. This ISLAND will be our home for the next 10 days. We were originally going to arrive here this morning, but because of some ferry cancellations we arrived late last night ..that after spending 6 hours on a TRAIN .. which included a half hour FERRY RIDE ..while on the train ..something I found new and fascinating (being from the western part of Norway I am quite used to taking ferries ..but have never driven on board a ferry before in a train; exotic) then taking a hydrofoil out to the island, a ride that because of bad weather felt more like a trip on a scary ROLLERCOASTER than anything else, outside the boat the dark sky was shifting between dark blackish blue and light pink due to lightning, inside the boat people were throwing up. I felt a little bit sick, but mostly a little bit scared of DYING, that also being the case when I am in a rollercoaster. The death anxiety let go as the nice and charming men working at the boat started joking and smiling around us, the calmer ocean as we came further out also helped. Right now I am sitting outside our hotel with my mac in my lap looking at PALMS and LEMONS, but until I have had the chance to take some pictures of this beautiful place I will leave you with this beautiful sunset moment from last weekend. The contrasts in my life are kind of absurd these days!