So why do you travel to the south tip of SPAIN in FEBRUARY? The most obvious answer is of course; because it's almost as far SOUTH as you can come in EUROPE, and therefore it's the safest way to escape the awful, SNOWY, dark, GREY and icy ending of the winter in Northern Europe. It's worth mentioning that in this part of EUROPE they are feeling as shitty about their 12 degrees and rain as we are doing about our snow and MINUS 12..the locals were complaining when we were there about a long and hard winter ..but to a Norwegian this winter felt like our spring. Another big difference between this part of Europe ..and the parts that I'm am used to living in, is something that I had not thought about, but that I found amazing; this area is now on it's way into its GREENEST part of the year, just when our world is at its GREYEST. When we arrived I was struck by beautiful TREES with dark green leaves casting FAIRYTALE like shadows on the bright green and grassy HILLS. Still, the most magical thing for me ..was the ORANGES. The orange season was at its PEAK when we arrived and I could not get used to ..nor tired of, walking through narrow streets with super narrow pavements filled with trees, branches covered in green leaves, heavied by Big Bunches of Bright orange ..ORANGES. It is safe to say; I fell in LOVE. One day I  picked one to have a TASTE but was disappointed by the tart, sour taste ..I don't know, maybe I just picked the wrong one ..from the wrong tree ..maybe the trees growing out of a tiny little whole in the pavement are not giving the best fruits, no matter what, I learned that they do have delicious oranges there ..somewhere .. and this I leaned from the delicious taste of their local specialty; the natural and freshly squeezed ZUMO DE NARANJA.  ..and the sour taste of the orange I did pick did not kill my fascination and love for these beautiful trees and their fruit. MAGICAL.