After three COLORFUL, TASTY and beautiful weeks in SPAIN we are back in NORWAY, in VÅLER to be exact, at E's parents house. Their home is kind of our BASE this half year since we have chosen to live without a home of our own. E's parents are super GENEROUS and PATIENT people; storing our things, driving us back and forth to the airport, lending us their car when we need one, the list goes on. We're lucky. Still, I have to admit, no matter how helpful, nice and generous our parent are;  I miss having a home of my own, something stabile that waits for me when I get back, just the way I left it.. I guess no matter what you have, there is always something you miss. BUT, tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more about what I loved about our trip to SPAIN ..and why we chose to travel to this area of Spain in the first place:)