This weekend we spent at our family cabin at LØYNING. ERLEND and I love spending time there just relaxing, making food, reading and hanging out around the cabin. I am one of those Norwegians that was born almost literally with skis on my feet. My parents have, if I may say so myself, a super cute picture of me taken on the day my SISTER was born, it was EASTER and I was 15 months old ..wearing a giant WHITE FUR HAT and RED WOODEN SKIS. I still love big fur hats ..but I have grown up to be not that fond of skiing. I do wish I liked it more, because I really used to enjoy it, but it's kind of like this youth rebellion thing that never ended. To illustrate why, in my family, not skiing is a kind of rebellion;  The first time I told my mom about E was on the phone right before the first time I went to Berlin to visit him. I had not really had the chance to tell her anything about him before she asked; does he ski? The funny thing is that when I talked to my aunt, my mom's little sister, the first question she asked about him was...yes..; does he ski? Its been exactly 19 years since E had skis on his feet, and that is one of the things I love about him.