After spending wonderful days at LIPARI we traveled back to SICILY ..where we among other things visited some very nice WINE producers. These pictures are from the vineyards and facilities of COS ..a small wine producer in the VITTORIA region of Sicily ..close to Ragusa and MODICA (where we were staying for about a week ..right now we are in PALERMO). The company COS is run by two architects ..and I LOVED the details of the winery. If I had known in advance that it was possible to stay there well as eat delicious food from their kitchen (if you let them know in advance) ..I definitively would have been interested either both or just the food ..I guess it will have to be next time ..or if any of you want to go ..there is a link here. Beautiful area, really good wines ..and OLIVE OIL. Some of the wines we tasted were made in clay AMFORAS instead of wood barrels. This makes the wines very INTERESTING, but also a little STRANGE (Erlend likes them a bit more than I do). One of the other fun things at COS is they PLAY MUSIC for the wines. A guy who works with sound has told them which FREQUENCIES are best for the wines, and while were in the cellar, there was some nice CLASSICAL music. And yes; they also have an unusual bottle shape (it's a little more chubby than most bottles) that makes the wine easy to recognize ..the shape of the bottle comes from a bottle they originally found on the property as they took it over.