I have now been in BERLIN for over a week and it is so nice to be back. Of course; the weather! I don't think there is a CITY in the world where you feel the difference between WINTER and SPRING as strongly as you do here ..especially when it comes to color. BERLIN is literally either grey or green. And right now it's GREEN; and it's sooooo nice. And I am not the only one appreciating it; according to Berliners this has been the longest winter anyone can remember. So in addition to the weather; I am staying at some friends' STUDIO ..and it has a really nice atmosphere. I have already shown you the backyard ..and I will show you some pictures of the studio later. I have always loved this space, and the street it is located on, so I feel truly lucky to be able to stay here. But yes, so with all of this being great, still the BEST thing about being back in Berlin is my GIRLFRIENDS. When I decided to come here for all of May it had a lot to do with the fact that my friend BRITNEY, who used to live here, but now lives in New York, would come back to Berlin and stay here for some time this spring. Britney and I actually left Berlin almost at the same time ..and joined forces first in NY ..and then we met her in MISSISSIPPI, her home state, where she took us for a tour to many of the BEAUTIFUL PLACES close to where she grew up. The nice thing about moving around so much is that even though you leave something, you always find something too; and Britney and I have been finding each other all over this last year, and it's been truly very nice.