After 3 weeks in NORWAY, without seeing as much as a tiny little hint of SPRING, I finally found it yesterday ..but not in Norway. It turns out that I had to leave the country, more precisely to go to SORØ in DENMARK, to find it. It was really fascinating to watch the landscape turn from BROWN and BEIGE to more and more GREEN as we drove from VÅLER in Norway through SWEDEN and DENMARK. When we arrived in BERLIN late last night, we had reached something close to summer; 20 degrees, vibrant  ORANGE sunset, CHERRIES in blossom and radiant GREEN trees. The whole drive was such a buildup; seeing the landscape around us evolving from dead winter to lively summer through a two days DRIVE was magical. Even though we have had beautiful warm weather already this year ..in both SPAIN and ITALY.. I realized as we were driving that half of the MAGIC of spring is to see it UNFOLD in front of your eyes, and to me I think especially; to see a place I know, transfer into something NEW, but still familiar, that brings back a feeling that I had kind of forgotten, but still recognize; this amazing feeling of HOPE and HAPPINESS that all these, C O L O R S and SMELLS and LIGHT brings to life. I think the seasons will continue to surprise me, good and bad, for as long as I live.