This is the THIRD year in a row that we spend time at CASCINA COLLINA in PIEMONTE. We started going there because my sister's boyfriend's family had a connection to the vineyard, and this third summer it almost felt like coming back to our SUMMER HOUSE. I think especially since we have been traveling so much ..and not really had a real home in almost a year, a place where you have spent time two years in a row, almost feels like HOME when you return the third time. In some ways I actually almost think of GUNVOR and JOAR, the couple running the place, as some sort of aunt and uncle. I think that part also has something to do with the fact that when I was growing up in BERGEN we only saw my dad's sisters and their families during the summers. They all lived in TRONDHEIM where the weather, at least the way I remember it, was a lot nicer ..and we drove to visit them there every year during our summer break. Thinking about it now, only seeing them during the summers was actually kind of nice because then I associated them with great things; SUN, strawberries, ICE CREAM and holiday; basically almost every child's favorite things. So I guess these last years Cascina Collina has become the grown up version of that, just with wine and delicious food ..instead of just ice cream and strawberries, but still with the sun and the time off.

Last year when we visited I fell in love with an APRICOT TREE that is situated right at the end of the pool. This year when we were there it was not bearing fruits, either because it's just too early ..or because last year was this tree's last time to shine. It had not been bearing fruits for years, but after a really hard winter where it almost died it suddenly last summer came back to life.. in a big way. But so yes, this year I found myself a new favorite tree, a CHERRY tree. It's not quite as magical as the one with the apricots, but still, I really liked it:)