I wish I was posting these pictures to introduce you to MY new dog, but this magical little creature belongs to ERLEND's sister SILJE and her boyfriend TRULS. He is a nine week old POMERANIAN named FENRIS ..and in case you didn't notice; he is SUPER CUTE. If any of you get the sensation that you have seen something a little bit like him on the internet before, you are probably thinking of a very famous pomeranian named BOO -also known as the worlds cutest dog. If you have not seen him before you should check him out ..chances are that you will either find him very cute.. or very creepy ..or maybe both many people, in my opinion rightfully, thinks he looks more like a TEDDY BEAR than a real dog. I have to admit that while I was petting FENRIS it felt kind of like a childhood dream come true; having a living teddy bear, so even though this one looks a lot more real than Boo ..he also felt almost too cute to be true.