You can't always get what you want. Living in Berlin and New York, TRAVELING all the time, I got to see amazing places, eat DELICIOUS food and take pictures of things that inspired me... ALL THE TIME. Life in Bergen has been a big CONTRAST to life before, but sometimes, like today, a PERFECT day comes along. I went to WORK and hung out with GREAT colleagues, my husband picked me up after work with tons of exciting and most likely delicious food he had bought at the LOCAL Food Festival, we biked home, me with my basket full of fresh flowers from ASKØY. Coming home we hung out with all the food and the flowers while drinking CHAMPAGNE. (E had the most exciting day; he had a late morning visit from a BIRD inside the house.) Then E cooks and I make a blogpost with pics from earlier in the day. Then we EAT and DRINK and TALK ..and then we pass out on the bed with the last episodes of season two of THE MINDY PROJECT. I love that show. And I love my husband as well as champagne, and great food and flowers ..and last but not at least I love SEPTEMBER.

I have come to feel that September is the GREATEST month of them all. Not only do you bring with you the energy and excitement ..and let's not forget; the TAN from summer. All sunny and warm days feel like a BONUS, the beautiful fall fashion is in the stores, you start lighting candles again and start almost to look forward to a night so cold that you will light the fire place. You have big HOPES and ideas for the new year. Because you know, this is when the "new year" really begins, not in January. Who has the energy to make any kind of positive CHANGE in January? Not me!  January is all about FORCED change and new self LOATHING projects, because of guilt and freaking out that another year just ended. In September on the other hand, it's a whole different thing. I'm full of energy, It's a real NEW BEGINNING. At least if you have had a great summer... like this one.