The 17th of MAY is the NORWEGIAN CONSTITUTION DAY and I am spending my fourth in a row in BERLIN. One of the nice things about spending it here is that you have a better shot at nice weather ..and this year it's great so I am spending the day in the PARK. But I also kind of wanted to get into the festive mood I picked out these pictures of some delicious cakes that I shot for FASVO in Fredrikstad last year ..I also went into the archive of my blog and took a look at my FIRST 17th of MAY in Berlin. It was a very nice one!


Early this year I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in letting some of my PICTURES be used as illustrations in a new iPad MAGAZINE. At that point the only thing I knew was that the magazine was initiated by a NORWEGIAN WOMAN  ..and that it was going to be about INNOVATION and helping women finding their STRENGTHS and reaching their GOALS. I quite fast decided that this was a project I wanted to be a part of, mostly because I thought that the magazine sounded like something I would be interested in myself. Moving back to Norway this FALL will mean a big CHANGE in my life, and I was hoping that this magazine would be helpful in making me accomplish the things I want to do.

The iPad magazine, which is a CREATIVE COACHING TOOL, was launched on the 8th of March, on the international women’s day, and is called THE INNOVATION EFFECT. It was started by Norwegian ANNETTE FOSAAS, is written in English ..and has far as I have understood ..contributors from mostly England and the United States. It consists of both inspirational ARTICLES and creative TOOLS and METHODS to increase women’s potential at the life stage they are at right NOW. Looking at the finished product today I am glad I decided to be a part of it.  Not only because I feel that the magazine can be helpful for me, but also because I believe in the project.

The pictures in the magazine that are mine are mainly pictures that have already been on MY BLOG, and it was quite funny to see how many pictures of me they actually ended up using. I have started reading the magazine  .. finally got myself an iPad so that I could actually access it … I have also started to follow ANNETTE’s  BLOG ..and I am finding both very inspiring. I think one of the things that I really like about this magazine is that it gives you EASY ACCESS to a lot a material that you often would have do a lot of research to get hold of. As ANNETTE writes herself; the magazine is there to give others what was not there when she wanted to start her own company. Not only is accessibility nice in itself ..but I THINK that sometimes when you have a DREAM to start something ..or just want to make some CHANGES in your life's hard to know where to START ...or to find the right person to talk to about it, and then it's especially nice that there is a tool out there ..that is easy to access AND offers you some company in your process. Being a freelancer, I often have this feeling of being all alone in what I am doing, and then hearing the stories of inspirational people ...or their favorite quotes ...well.. inspirational, BUT, maybe most importantly, it makes me feel not as alone. If you are curious about the magazine and would like to check it out it is possible to download it in APP STORE ..for a very affordable prize ..or you could read more about it HERE.


I am back in NORWAY, in BERGEN to be exact... have a lot on MIND so am not that good at posting ..but though I would share this with you in the meantime. Don't understand anything of the TEXT.. but think the pictures came out nice might remember them from this earlier post right HERE. Ah, I miss NEW YORK! ..and talking of pictures .. was told some days ago that my 'PICTURE STORY' from dOCUMENTA 13 was the most read on KUNSTKRITIKK.NO last year. Nice to know ..maybe you guys had something to do with that..? ..who knows!


Thought it would be nice to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR with pictures of JIM MEEHAN making a CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL at PDT (check out the recipe here). It was such a fun photo shoot and these pictures really puts me in the mood for a good party with nice drinks. Hope you all have had/will have a great New Years Eve ..and a Happy New Year! I still have a little over 6 hours left of this year ...and my BIRTHDAY ..and will try to spend it as well as I can other words by drinking CHAMPAGNE, eating GREAT FOOD and celebrating my birthday with FRIENDS  ...IN NEW YORK CITY:)