My name is KARI and I am a photographer from BERGEN, NORWAY  ..currently living without a home, traveling around Europe with my husband ERLEND, experiencing the pros and cons of this kind of unstable and free lifestyle ..while planing our next move; going back to BERGEN this upcoming FALL. I'm a NIKON ambassador and my current camera is a NIKON D700.  In 2011 my blog was voted Best Photo blog at the VIXEN BLOGAWARDS in Norway. Next to doing this blog I work with other personal projects as well as doing commercial projects/jobs within the lifestyle segment. If you want to see more of my work you can do so on my WEBSITE.

For those of you who have not visited MY BLOG before, or just want to get to know it better ..I have made a TEXT to keep you up to speed on what's been going on here since I started this blog ..about 3 YEARS AGO.

I started this blog when I moved from OSLO to BERLIN in February 2010.  I moved mainly for LOVE ..BUT also because I had just finished my master's degree in ART HISTORY …and did not quite know what I wanted to do with my life…  My move to Berlin also represented an opportunity for me to take a step back and figure things out. As I packed my bags and got on the plane to BERLIN, I had one thing I KNEW I wanted to do ..and that was to take PICTURES ..and present them on a BLOG. ... It was not a completely random decision ..and how I landed on that ..you can read a little bit more about  HERE.  

My MOVE to Berlin turned out to be the start of a new ERA, not only personally, but also professionally ...and to a further extent lifestyle wise. I had never lived outside of NORWAY before and never been a very big fan of TRAVELING ...and suddenly I was living abroad ...and traveling all the time, not staying in one place for more than almost a month at a time. Because of this dramatic change this blog kind of became not only a record of everything going on in my life ..but also my HOME and A STABLE PLACE for me to go to.   

When I started the blog I had a GOAL to make it look like something out of a FILM or a MAGAZINE ..still I wanted it to tell the story of MY LIFE. So; my life ...as a magazine spread ..or something like that. I have always been interested in how the world we see on television …and in the media in general .. AFFECT us …and particularly how it affects ME, this because I am VERY easily influenced ..and the way I relate visually to the world around me is largely influenced by the AESTHETICIZING and staging you see in films, television and magazines. I am also interested in almost all the subjects you find written about in lifestyle magazines; food, wine, interesting people, interiors, fashion, art ..and now also traveling .. so the topics came naturally from this.

I have heard people that have looked at my blog say things like; 'Well; I have been there ..and it did not look like that!' I will be the first to admit that my photographs are carefully SELECTED, put together in a certain way and probably can appear constructed. But the TRUTH is that all the pictures on my blogs represent real life situations the way I see and experience them. …and well ...I LOVE beautiful things.  I hope that my view on life can inspire my readers as much as it inspires me ..and maybe make them notice and appreciate these aspects of life more. If you want to read more about how I like to work ..and my equipment, you can do so HERE .

The greatest thing that has happened to me since I started this blog is MARRYING the man I moved to BERLIN to be with. He PROPOSED to me on a gray spring morning in our living room in BERLIN and we got married about half a year later ..in the same city. We were lucky to have great photographer friends in town, and they together captured our wedding perfectly. For a picture junkie ..and sentimental like me ..those pictures are of immeasurable value. You can see some of them HERE ..as well as read about the making of my beautiful CRUBA by MIRA BECKER wedding dress.

Some of my other favorite memories from my time in Berlin are these: Our KATZBACHSTRAßE APARTMENT, celebrating 4th of July at TEMPELHOF, doing BOAT YOGA on the Canal, having my SISTER and FRODE living in Berlin for a while, our favorite restaurant CHEZ MAURICE,  going to this BEACH BAR PARTY, beautiful summer days by SCHLACHTENSEE ,  eating tacos from TACOS BERLIN (they also catered at our wedding cocktail party), mornings at our BALCONY, the AUTUMN COLORS, the PARKS, the FOOD and the WINEAfter  two and a half years in BERLIN we decided to pack our bags and leave to go to NEW YORK ...and around that time I wrote a little bit about how I felt about both moving to and from Berlin HERE.

Moving to New York was a long time DREAM for both me and my husband and the city did not disappoint either of us. We spent almost half a year there going from being in love with the city, to loving it. As we were leaving I wrote a text that kind of summed up how I felt about NY and my stay there  ..that you can read HERE . Some of my favorite NY memories are THANKSGIVING spent with some of our NY friends, our local market the UNION SQUARE GREEN MARKET, going ice skating in CENTRAL PARK, warm SUMMER NIGHTS and watching the MANHATTAN SKYLINE from BROOKLYN

Well, that should bring you ..at least almost ..up to speed! Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment or ask me questions either here or at kari.kjosnes at gmail. com, its always nice to hear from you!

Hope you enjoy spending time here, at least almost, as much as I do!